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    Live and Work Happier.

    With how you lead your team, how you lead your brand and how you lean into leading yourself.


    In just two years, I took my company, Barlele, from 1 to a team of 20. Within those first two years, we also launched a sister product, Creative Shizzle. I am a certified and licensed Storybrand Guide and a certified and licensed Business Made Simple Coach.


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    I smile and laugh a lot because business does not have to be boring, and I firmly believe that smiles and profits are simultaneously achievable with a Minimize to Maximize leadership (and life!) mentality. Let's uncover your smile.

    I am the CEO and founder of Barlele, a brand strategy and design firm, and our Graphic Design On-Demand product, Creative Shizzle. Through personal coaching, workshops, keynotes or working on a custom plan and project with my agency, I help other businesses and entrepreneurs grow upward and forward.

  • With over 300k views and multiple accolades, my TEDx talk walks you through 3 steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    Want a short glimpse into Minimize to Maximize? Watch my TEDx.

    There's probably a lot of stuff eating up your brain space and disengaging you from the things that are most important in your life.


    The Minimize to Maximize lifestyle mantra is all about minimizing the things that don't give you oxygen so that you can maximize in the areas that do.

  • Let's Talk About Minimize to Maximize for You.

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