• Taylor Shanklin

    Motivational Speaker, CEO + Founder of Barlele, Brand Builder, Growth Coach.

    Minimize to Maximize.

    I'm here to listen to you and guide you with the Minimize to Maximize framework.

    We will dig in and find the right areas of focus that move you in your intended direction.


    The outcome?

    You get to Live and Work happier.

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  • My TEDx talk walks you through 3 steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    Watch the Minimize to Maximize TEDx

    There's probably a lot of stuff eating up your brain space and disengaging you from the things that are most important in your life.


    The Minimize to Maximize lifestyle mantra is all about minimizing the things that don't give you oxygen so that you can maximize in the areas that do.

  • Are you ready to Sprint Upward?

    We Do Growth Coaching in 15 Minutes

    My custom approach to growth coaching will not have you doing any of this...

    ...waiting two weeks to talk to your coach (me)

    ...losing site of what you were focused on to move in your intended direction.

    What it will include?
    1. Frequent growth sessions, in 15-minute bursts
    2. A system for your growth accountability and goal tracking

    3. Text messaging access to me, your coach, for when you are in a pinch
    Sprint Up: The Growth Coaching Program for Busy Entrepreneurs with HUGE Dreams

    Sprint Up: The Growth Coaching Program for Busy Entrepreneurs with HUGE Dreams

    What does SprintUp looking like?
    1. We meet in sprints and work in sprints - 2 times per week coaching sessions in 15-minute increments
    2. A technology and process system that will help us (together) track your progress to goal
    3. Text messaging access for when you are having a panic attack (though I hope you don't have those and we can just send each other funny memes)

    **fine print**
    $750 is the price per month for ongoing growth coaching
    Coming soon
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    Quick Tips for Living Minimize to Maximize

    You are a busy person, right? I'm T-Shank and I'm here to give you bite-sized coaching that you can implement quickly to grow your business or develop yourself personally and live in a way that is true to your authentic self.

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  • Living Minimize to Maximize: Writing

    Grab a cup of coffee and sit with me, around the mug, to think big picture about how you can live and work happier.

    February 10, 2022 · Minimize to Maximize
    September 23, 2019
  • About Me

    Taking it one deep breath and one glass of wine at a time.

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    Hi there. I’m Taylor. My friends call me T-Shank. I’m a dreamer, writer, adventurer, fast decision maker, creative, mom, and founder of a branding agency. I bring awareness on how to work through life’s challenges through my lived experiences with chronic autoimmune disease.


    My life mantra is Minimize to Maximize and my super power is listening to others, understanding what they do best and helping them focus energy in the right places for growth.

  • Podcasts & Videos

    This is a sampling of some marketing videos I've been a part of and podcasts

    I've either led production on or made a guest appearance.

  • Let's Talk About Minimize to Maximize for You.

    Ready to focus on what is right for you to grow professionally or personally?

    Interested in having me speak at your event? Let's have a conversation.

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