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    Live and Work Happier.

    With how you lead your team, how you lead your brand and how you lean into leading yourself.


    In just two years, I took my company, Barlele, from 1 to a team of 20. Within those first two years, we also launched a sister product, Creative Shizzle. I am a certified and licensed Storybrand Guide and a certified and licensed Business Made Simple Coach.


    If you would like to connect on how to do that for your business, or would like me to speak at your event please reach out using the form below.

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  • Taylor Shanklin smiling and laughing outside at a Starbucks

    I smile and laugh a lot because business does not have to be boring, and I firmly believe that smiles and profits are simultaneously achievable with a Minimize to Maximize leadership (and life!) mentality. Let's uncover your smile.

    I am the CEO and founder of Barlele, a brand strategy and design firm, and our Graphic Design On-Demand product, Creative Shizzle. Through personal coaching, workshops, keynotes or working on a custom plan and project with my agency, I help other businesses and entrepreneurs grow upward and forward.


    Want to get started? As a Business Made Simple coach, I have a tool for you! Take this quick survey to check yourself on how your business is operating. And, then, if you would like, we can talk about it and I can help you soar.

  • With over 300k views and multiple accolades, my TEDx talk walks you through 3 steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    Want a short glimpse into Minimize to Maximize? Watch my TEDx.

    There's probably a lot of stuff eating up your brain space and disengaging you from the things that are most important in your life.


    The Minimize to Maximize lifestyle mantra is all about minimizing the things that don't give you oxygen so that you can maximize in the areas that do.

  • These are the companies I have founded and am thrilled to work on each and every day

    I built them with two things in mind: 1) Business does not have to be so boring and so expensive, and 2) Build a team and a company where kindness is at the core of how we operate because when we have that, we can truly live & work happier, and make money too. In fact, I think the happier the team, the more profitable the business.

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    Creative Shizzle

    Your marketing is way easier with us by your side.


    Ditch the DIY—our real, expert graphic designers are here to upgrade your marketing.

    At Creative Shizzle, human creativity meets professional execution, ensuring your marketing sizzles with consistent, high-quality designs, delivered on time and within budget.


    I founded Creative Shizzle in 2022 as a means to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, other agencies and busy marketing teams get more marketing done by having an affordable, and excellent, graphic designer in their back pocket at all times.

    Creative Shizzle Logo


    We build unforgettable brands


    We help you create a clear brand story and strategy. Then we put it out into the world through digital marketing channels.


    I founded Creative Shizzle in 2020 as a means to help businesses and social impact causes communicate their value prop in a clear way, and then consistently show up for their audiences with unique and engaging content marketing. We do brands, websites and the content marketing that keeps you consistent and relevant to your market.

  • Let's Talk About You Living & Working Happier.

    Ready to focus on what is right for you to grow professionally or personally?

    Interested in having me speak at your event? Let's have a conversation.

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